Our story:

The Star Performance Academy seeks to make musical theatre opportunities available to children and adults. We offer a number of camps, programs, and lessons for a variety of ages. At our core, we value what we call the Be3 program: be a singer, be a dancer, be an actor. We aim to refine students and participants into well-rounded performers who are nothing short of “triple threats”.



Join us for the LAST weekend of this ADORABLE SHOW!!

Margaret would rather play video games than do her homework, so her Poppa tells her the story of Princess Margaret, whose family is kidnapped by pirates. The only way for her to save them is to the the Pythagorean Theorem to help the mermaids find the pirate ship, but did she pay enough attention when her tutor, Professor Archimedes, was trying to teach it to her? The Princess and the Pirates is a comic homage to the classic movie, The Princess Bride, but with a purpose: to remind children that there are real-life applications for math!

Friday, September 24th @ 7:30pm
Saturday, September 25th @ 2:30pm
Sunday, September 26th @2:30pm

SPACE IS LIMITED! So get your tickets today!